The time of year of a wedding can be influenced

  • The time of year of a wedding can be influenced by many factors – availability, cost, schedules, or significance. Be aware that the season you choose for your wedding will influence many other decisions, including your choice in wedding dress. Below are some details about bridal gowns and seasons.


    Although it is considered the ‘off-season’, winter weddings are incredibly romantic. Winter is a time of year associated with roaring fires and family gatherings. Let your wedding be a magical foray into winter wonderland. Ruffles and posies create a fairy tale aura while heavy materials like silk, taffeta and velvet are unique and eye-catching. Plus, they’ll keep the bride warm throughout the day. Winter weddings allow you to play with an entirely different set of colors and designs than couples who are married in the summer. A snowy backdrop will surely make your big day one of a kind.


    Spring is a beautiful time of year for a wedding. Sunshine softly falls on fresh flowers and new green grass. Being the off-season, you may be able to get a discount on a venue. A spring wedding dress should be made of light material but with long sleeves or perhaps a matching wrap, as the weather might be chilly. Spring colors are typically pastels – inviting brides to consider wedding gowns of distinctive hues such as ivory or even light lavender. Spring also offers a great choice in bridal accessories like flower hair-wreaths or gold leaf tiaras.


    Summer is the classic wedding season. Blue skies and bright flowers create beautiful settings. Long days and warm nights are ideal for celebrations. The weather lets the bride be a bit sexy with her wedding gown. Flaunt your legs with a raised hemline or consider selecting a short or tea length dress. Light fabrics extenuate the sense a freedom inherent in the season and will make you want to run down the aisle. Sleeveless dresses and low necklines help you show off your collarbone and shoulders, as well as your glowing skin. Just remember to wear sunscreen if you are the type who burns.


    Nature’s stunning array of warm colors makes fall a breath-taking season for a wedding. It is a time full of sentimental feelings – calling to mind home and tradition. A wedding at this time should take advantage of the crisp autumn air and other fall staples like trees, leaves, and the fresh harvest. However, that same air can go from crisp to brittle with a passing cloud. Consider incorporating a pashmina as a bridal accessory. A fall wedding requires you to strike a balance between winter and summer trends. Perhaps have a sleeveless wedding gown of warm silk. Or lace sleeves a la Kate Middleton.

    Be sure to keep the season of your wedding in mind when you are selecting your dress. Also, let the season influence the color scheme of the wedding. Nature can provide an extra layer of beauty to your special day.


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