Notifications like challenge updates or gem level ups

  • Notifications (like challenge updates or gem level-ups) square measure presently queued primarily based completely on a priority program. They presently save once you open a cheap poe exalted orbs panel, and continue as shortly as you shut that panel. Skipping server notifications at the side of the Menu button is possible.

    Added the solution to means Life, Mana and Power defend values over their many Housing and concrete Development parts.
    Added an error prompt once attempting to talk to associate Nonproliferation Center once holding associate degree item on your pointer.

    Added an error prompt once creating an endeavor to travel manner of Waypoint towards the region you'd presumably be presently in, or to a location that does not possess a buy poe exalted orbs Waypoint.
    Updated the item filters to perform suitably with all of the new item types. Buy cheap poe orbs here by playerhot now... well done. so thanks!