In Arsenals 5-1 win over Everton

  • In Arsenal's 5-1 win over Everton, Makhtelya, who ushered Arsenal's first starting line-up, made a hat-trick, according to EA SPORTS this season only Mkhitaryan was in a game Assisted 3 teammates, created a new record, and with 8 assists beyond Arsenal teammate ?zil. However, Makhtari insists that Ozil is the real king of assists.


    Mkhitaryan said: "At Arsenal, I know many people will continue to FIFA Coins run, the team's play is incredible, I will do my best for the team I think the real pleasure is with Ozil Being a team mate, everyone knows he is a great player, he is the king of assists, he is very smart, able to read the game, plus his running and the last pass, he is always able to rewrite the game. "


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